C.a.R. - Compass and Ruler


Welcome to the homepage of C.a.R. (Compass and Ruler)!

C.a.R. is a mighty program to do geometry on the computer. It features a very rich set of geometric objects, automatic generations of macros, animation, automatic tracks and polar sets, expressions for objects, Latex formulas, configurable graphics exports and much more. The program needs a Java environment.

C.a.R. free and open source. It is also a Sourceforge project. The main author of the program is Rene Grothmann a mathematician at the University of Eichstätt, Germany. Other projects have been derived from the main source, e.g., CarMetal with a different GUI. English is one of the two main language of C.a.R. But the user interface has been translated into many other languages, and a full documentation is available in German.

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In case of problems contact the author via E-Mail.

Rene Grothmann
Prof. of Mathematics
Cath. University of Eichstätt-Ingolstadt