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Assignments (or jobs) are incompletely displayed constructions, which the user is supposed to finish. The computer will only check for the constructed target object, and the solution itself might be different than the give one. The user will receive a message, as soon as he has completed the construction. The target objects will be displayed in a light color, unless they are hidden before the construction is saved.

Assignments are generated by choosing the last object to be displayed to the user. Furthermore, there must be target objects. Targets are not checked for the solution, if they are generated pressing the shift key.

To test the assignment, click on the menu entry for this. In contrast to the user, you will have the complete set of tools available, however. You can use the restricted icon bar to save the assignment.

Area objects as targets should be defined by the least set of corner points. If the solving user creates additional points on the sides of the polygons those points will be skipped.

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