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Assignments display the basic objects for any construction and one or more targets in thinner color. The user is asked to construct the target, or the targets. When the user has completed the task, he gets a positive feedback. The program checks for the target objects themselves but not for the construction method. This works in all reasonable well designed assignments.

To create an assignment, the last object of the basic objects has to be determined, and the target objects. Holding down the shift key creates hint objects that are not checked, but displayed like targets. If a target object is hidden, it will not display in the assignment. The designer can test the assignment in the C.a.R. application. The assignment is then saved with a job-extension. Otherwise, it is a normal C.a.R. construction. There is a special load command for assignments.

To use assignments in the web, use the ordinary HTML export tool, but specify that it is to be exported as an assignment. Choose the tools that you want to give to user. Other tools will not be available.

Special care is necessary for polygon objects as targets. Define those objects with the minimal set of corners. If the user creates additional corners, those corners will be ignored.

C.a.R. > Documentation > Assignments